She calls me king, I call her princess. 

On February 18th 2014 I was blessed with the greatest gift, the birth of my beautiful daughter Isley. She shares the same born day as Audre Lorde. Chances are she is destined for greatness. 

Everyday, I work to raise her beyond pink and dolls, and give her a queer, Afro-futuristic, feminist and limitless upbringing. 

Initially, I struggled with the thought of raising a girl. How would I create a world that would embrace her fully as a wild, willful, intelligent and loving spirit? How would I help her navigate gender as a boi-mama in ways that were creative and beyond confines? How would I shield her from gender based violence? How would I handle discrimination against myself as a queer parent? I feared my presentation as masculine of center would out her before she could learn to speak and/or defend herself. 


My little one came prepared and chose me to be her boi-mama and the day of St. Audre to be born. I have been delighted to have an opportunity to show her healthy models of masculinity through mothering her in my boi-self. She is a loving, rebellious, independent and determined spirit. 

We are going through a princess phase thanks to the movie Frozen. To my amazement, I choked up hearing her say on several occasions “I am a princess, you’re the king”. I’ve even requested to be a princess and she’s flat out said no “I’m the princess, you the king” clarifying her superior rank in her tone. Clearly I’m her loyal subject.