Cameroonians and most Africans in general are known for getting certain clothes tailor made versus store bought. The result is a polished and regal fit that enhances the style and figure of any and every individual.

One of the things I relished on my visit to Cameroon last summer after a 10 year hiatus was selecting fabrics at the local shopping district in Buea market. Hours later I walked away with several Ankara fabrics.


I was able to get a dress made in Cameroon for my daughter with a matching shirt for myself out of an Ankara fabric. When I returned to the States I searched high and low for a tailor and stumbled upon Greg Johnson a member of the funky soul group ZuluZuluu during their residency at Icehouse. I stood back stage admiring his MC skills and fly shirt only to find out he made it himself.

The stage was set. I worked with Greg to create two custom shirts that fit like a glove and bring back memories of my life-changing trip to Cameroon.


I had the opportunity to be captured by the talented, Sarah White.


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