Culturally, we Africans take pride in looking our best in our traditional gear or remixing the colonizes threads into something original and compelling in its on right. Case in point, the double breasted jacket. Known for its polished and sophisticated look reserved for aristocrats of times past, its recently made its way back to my wardrobe rotation.

Today’s DB jacket offers a slimmer fit that is flattering and contours to the body creating a commanding silhouette. Throw a turtleneck under it, and I am flossing like a captain.


The shoulders should fit my body perfectly corresponding to my natural shape.  I am very particular about my jacket collar resting perfectly against my button down collar / turtle neck  with no gaps between both garments.

The length of my DB jacket should be slightly longer (slightly higher than the height of my wrists from the ground) to highlight buttons, lapels and other details. However, it shouldn’t be longer than the base of the crotch-line of my trousers.  No Steve Harvey tailoring. Ever. We tomboi fresh.

Double breasted jackets can be paired with chinos or denim for a preppy, Sammy Davis, swag. I love white denim. Its strangely both, bold and neutral for any time of year, and certainly lux in the winter.




Outfit Details:

Double breasted jacket (2014 collection on sale) | Bonobos
Grey turtle neck | ZARA
Slim white stretch denim (summer 2016 model) | Gap
Chelsea boots | Thursday Boot Company
Classic men’s watch with brown leather band | Daniel Wellington
Pocket square (men’s red bandanas) | Target



Photography by the multi-talented Sarah White

Break the rules and wear white denim in the winter. Share your style inspiration with me on Instagram or inbox me with questions.

Yours in style,


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