Chinwe, The Farm and Paradise

Queer travels. Our most recent trip brought us to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I instantly fell in love with the scenic landscape of the mountainous island, its glorious beaches, rich ancestral history and tropical temperatures.

st-cover-1A view of a portion of the island

st-homeRed Hook St. Thomas, home away from home

We made ourselves at home in a beautiful second floor suite on the hills of the Red Hook neighborhood in a residential property owned by a charming black couple named Chinwe and Zinga. We were greeted by Chinwe in the shopping/restaurant district at the bottom of the hill and escorted to our suite.

I had to master driving on the left side of the road.

This was the perfect location. You could see the coral blue sea and scenic hills at every angle from our suite. The unit we stayed at had a blue theme with an open floor plan complete with a kitchen, living room, dining room, a massage table and a long hallway leading to our private bathroom and bedroom. The vaulted wood ceilings through out, a feature I especially admired made the space appear even larger.

We went to bed with the windows open in the hallway to feel the whisper of the breeze and wind all night. It was so peaceful and calming. The sun filled our hallway each morning beckoning us to share in its beauty. We would stand by the hallway windows each morning appreciating the view of the sea, the mountains and nature. This was our time to slow down, reconnect and enjoy each other.

st-balconyHad breakfast on the balcony every morning

st-living-roomLiving room


We made it a point to get active and sit in nature every morning. On our second day, as we sat down starring at the vastness before us, our host Chinwe offered to take a picture of us and later gave us a tour of her property.

We were taken to a farm behind the property filled with spinach, eggplant, okra, kale, papaya, turmeric, ginger, collard greens, peppers, tamarind and a whole lot more. She carefully pointed out all the food in the farm, harvesting what she could to hand us, and suggesting we use the fruit of the land as often as we needed to. We took her up on it and made the freshest veggie combos ever.

st-eggplantEggplant on the farm

st-ju-picking-spinachSweetness picking spinach on the farm

st-ng-picking-veggiesFreshly picked vegetables

st-sauteed-veggiesFrom farm to pan. Freshly picked vegetables sautéed for brunch

st-okraOkra on the farm. It was the sweetest raw okra I’d ever had

st-papayaPapaya on the farm

st-tamarindPicking tamarind for smoothies on the farm

st-garlicGinger on the farm

The grounds leading to the farm is beautifully landscaped you could tell some thought and attention to detail was given to the design and structure of the space.

We wanted to know more about this healing practitioner sister friend. She asked we meet up with her at her second place of business downtown St. Thomas called the Art Exchange. First she gave us a tour of downtown and the history behind abandoned buildings and European settlers. Enter her office and we immediately start talking about being visited by spirit, diaspora struggles and challenges, politics and sisterhood. This turns into a group lunch with other sisters at a black owned spot called Gladys’ Cafe and a beautiful day loving on ourselves.

st-juju-on-slabMorning meditation with Sweetness

st-feel-on-slabMorning meditation with Sweetness

st-chinweChinwe showing us around the farm

st-meeting-zingaRan into Chinwe’s husband picking out vegetables on the farm

st-ng-and-flowersHibiscus flowers, gotta love the tropics

st-ng-and-jujust-ng-beach-and-booksGetting my reading on at Lindquist beach

st-fish-tacosYellowfin tuna tacos at RAW Sushi

st-aution-blockOur tour of downtown St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie). Auction block for slaves

st-ng-yellow-doorOur tour of downtownSt. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie). Loved the architecture of old buildings

st-thomas-downtownOur tour of downtown St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie).Cobble stone alleyways leading to shops and seaport

st-post-lunchOutside of Gladys’ Cafe (Chinwe, Sweetness, Lesley, Me and Yahweh)

st-ng-flexingBoimamaking signature stance


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