Dedicating this post to all badass women coming together to raise their voices against sexist, racist, homophobic and anti-immigrant statements from the powers that be. 

My Sweetness wrote a poem called “Prayers for Pussies” that was censored by the City of Minneapolis. This was her way of speaking up for women’s right to our own bodies in light of the hostile presidential spirit. 

How are you all navigating this time? In ritual? In community? With family? Are you participating in a march or not?  I am taking it one day at a time. As an immigrant, a queer and a Black woman, I am living all of my boldness and doing so with joy. I am connecting with my ancestors and nature. And loving on me and mine with deep sweetness!

Check out Sweetness’ poem below.

A Prayer for Pussies

Grown women know that feeling.
You a little girl under all that skin.
All of that life and holding back.
All of that gray coochie hair
And planted placentas under the tree the kids climb,
when hiding from spankings.
Under piles of unpaid bills and expired lottery tickets.
In your shadow sits that girl within.
Wise and wild.
Quiet and unforgiving.
Indignant and quick.
Clitoris driven.
An emotional wreck with soulful perfection.
Plotting on wildness
You start thinking:
Remember when I was all one hot heat?
One red ferocious flash?
One smooth sweet licorice?

One free flying unknown?

By Junauda Petrus


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Showcasing Prayers for Pussies button. Selection of background options available

Sweetness and I heading out (I’m wearing the prayers for pussies button shown above)

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