I love food especially home cooked meals. As a kid I looked forward to my Mum’s cooking. She made most of our food by scratch and we ate most of our meals at the dinner table. Sweetness and I try to cook and sit down and connect over dinner a couple times a week. 

I am a stickler for eggs, veggies and fruit at brunch mean while Sweetness can be more adventurous in her options. She tried out a dish called Shakshouska and vowed to recreate it. It reminded me of a Cameroonian based tomato stew. 

What is Shakshouska?

It’s a tomato based stew with chili peppers, onions and spiced cumins topped with poached eggs. 

Insert : a rendition of Shakshouska a la Sweetness 

For dinner one night she suggested we create  a version of Shakshouska. I gladly went for it knowing she would make it her own, surprising my palette with spicy and savory flavorings. 

We picked out what we wanted in our tomato based sauce. Mushrooms, smoked apple vegan sausage and leeks. Our sauce of choice is canned organic tomato sauce with garlic and basil.


Vegan apple smoked sausage, mushrooms and leeks

Garlic and basil tomato sauce, sautéed with ingredients above

Naturally I gravitate towards chopping and prepping while listening to Me’Shell Ndegeocello or Anita Baker. Sweetness takes it from there, per our cooking deal. We break out into a dance at the sound of Frankie Beverly and Maze, “Before I Let Go.” Good food and good music brings back memories of childhood and simplicity and family. 

The final product was nothing less than fantastic. My tastebuds where in a medley of spice and natural freshness as chunks of tomato and poached eggs melted in my mouth with a coolness of avocados and Thai chili gluten free chips.

Shakshouska is served with poached eggs and gluten free Thia chili chips

This will  be in constant rotation this winter.


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