Reflections on Sexual healing

My goal in creating this blog is to provide a space where we feel comfortable telling our stories of love, mothering and style. Because queer folks are some times portrayed in a negative light sexually, our stories can be void of genuine sexual interpretations of our reality.

A portion of radical self-care involves consensual intimacy around loving our bodies, and reclaiming our love for our selves and our sisters in a society that has not embraced and welcomed our existence. Loving on Sweetness is bold, fearless, unapologetic and liberating.

I encourage everyone to share your stories of queer love, affection and sexual healing. Lets be honest intimacy can be therapeutic and healing for a loving relationship.

We have been fortunate in that we are both open to discussing and exploring our sexual desires and fantasies with no judgement. This has enhanced our sensual/personal satisfaction and developed a sacred connection in our coupleship.

Sex or getting off is not always the end goal.


A lengthy and oily full body massage is on constant replay/request in our relationship. Ambiance is everything. Set the mood with an alluring attire, deep conversations, good soulful/sultry music, candles and an adult beverage of your choice. Me topless in a pair of briefs gets me started and it eventually comes off as I get deeper into massaging.

Massage Oils: a blend of natural oils, essential oils and vitamin e.


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